In my studio…


A combination of retirement floral bouquets.

Hi everyone!  Hope you all had a great weekend. We were busy with company again.

This week will be a rush.  I’m hoping to get some hooking done on “Moss”.  Also deal with insurance and get that finalized.  Then there’s the pension stuff we have to do.  Apparently we have to prove we exist and are married to a notary public somewhere.  Plus more time with friends.

I’ve decided against setting up a website for selling my rugs right now.  It’s just too busy and I do not have time to concentrate on it or get organized for it.


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Weekly Review…


Hi all.  It was another busy week.  We saw another couple of insurance brokers, had the cleaner in for a couple hours, ran a mess of errands, and visited with friends and co-workers at Hubby’s retirement party.  A big shout out to the people who made it a very successful get together!  Hubby really enjoyed himself, and so did I.  We came home laden with chocolate, his chosen theme for the party. 🙂

I did manage to hook a bit, a very little bit, on “Moss”.  My friend stopped by with not one, but two fleeces!  One is dirty and needs cleaning.  The other is perfectly clean and coarse.  I’ll try to spin it and see if it can be used for rug hooking.

She also dropped off a gorgeous piece of velour upholstery fabric.  I have no use for it, but I’m thinking what might be the best thing to do.  It’s creased and faded in spots where it was folded.  I’ve called in another friend to assess the situation and see what can be done with it.

Hoping to get back to more hooking next week.🙂


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Thursday Meanderings


The sunsets in this country never cease to amaze me!

The other day Hubby and I were out walking at sunset.  Scored some beautiful photos.

The cleaner comes today, and Hubby’s retirement party is today. Plus we have some shopping to do.

So far I have not been able to pick up the sunroom studio or hook. Hubby and I are still crunching numbers for insurance and a budget for retirement.

We are hoping things will settle down in a couple of weeks.  I want to go on another trip.🙂


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Inspiration Wednesday

Our house cleaner did not come today as planned due to illness.  So we are making the most of the day here.  Laundry, meal planning, picking up sunroom and studio, finally putting away bedding now company is gone, and possibly hanging new rugs on the walls.

We’ve been enjoying some nice long walks outside the last couple of days also.  Today I’m loving looking out my window at the trees and shrubs turning beautiful shades of gold, yellow, orange, and red.  Later we’ll go on another walk to run errands.

For now…enjoy these photos…


The neighbours.


Just turning colour.


An errant Manitoba Maple sapling.  A “honey do” job for Hubby.


And the Scarlet Runner Bean is flowering again!


The ash tree turned colour last week.  They are the last to leaf out in spring and the first to turn colour and drop leaves in the fall.


View over our garage…ignore the garage. 

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Tackle it Tuesday

By the lake

Today we are busy with appointments with insurance brokers. In between I would like to clean up the mess in my studio. I would also like to hook some more on “Moss”. 

Ornamental Kale

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In my studio…


Here it is!  All finished.  African Dream.  I need to make hang tags for it, but that can wait.

Sunday we were up to Saskatoon to check in with ArtNow.  It was a cool exhibit!  A great variety of work from a variety of artists and in a variety of mediums.  Great stuff!

Company has gone home now.  In-between visiting I was hooking and re-carding some alpaca fibre a friend gave me.

I met up with another friend last week.  She’s coming over this week to give me more fibre and some carding paddles.  I hear there is some upholstery fabric she’s wanting to get rid of as well.  I feel blessed to have such generous friends.

I decided to change the name of my new wall hanging to simply “Moss”.   I am going to have to give more thought to the colour planning for this wall hanging.

I hope everyone had a good weekend.  I look forward to another busy week.  Happy hooking everyone!🙂


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Quick Update


ArtNow is on in Saskatoon at Prairieland Park folks!  If you haven’t been, go check it out!

As you know, African Dream is done the hooking stage.  I’m hoping to block it this afternoon.

I’ve already started colour planning for my next wall hanging.  It’s a long narrow wall hanging I’m calling Northern Exposure at the moment.  It’s moss growing on the north side of a tree.  Not sure how this is going to turn out.  I’m thinking I need some brighter colours than I have in my stash, but I so don’t want to go to the dye pots right now.  I have so much excess fibre around here.  I might try a funky colour scheme.




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